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Fatigue and soreness
slowing you down?

Kanibi Full Spectrum CBD Oil is transparently
tested and produced so you get the results
you need. Formulated to fight fatigue, soreness
and stress and put you back in charge of
your life.

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Kanibi Empowers People to Take
Back Their Lives

but don’t take our word for it...

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Limited time - Buy One Get One Free

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Experience the Kanibi

100% Organic USA Grown Hemp

Hemp plants are notorious for leeching impurities and contaminants from the soil. That is why we only source from US certified organic farms to ensure our products don’t contain any heavy metals, pesticides, or harmful chemicals.

Clean CO2 Extraction

Our Hemp oil is only extracted in certified labs using clean CO2 technology, which means it retains its potency longer and is free from solvents, microbes, or fungi.

Reliably concentrated full spectrum CBD oil.

We never include any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Only what you need and never extra fluff.

Laboratory Tested for Safety and Potency

We hold ourselves to a high standard that other products you might see at a gas station or grocery check out don’t. All of our products are double tested in independent third-party labs to ensure efficacy and purity.

Light blocking containers

Hemp oils tend to break down when exposed to light;
that is why all of our containers block out UVA and
UVB rays, so it works when you need it.

Available in multiple flavors

Available in five flavors that are simultaneously complex and lightly refreshing, our Kanibi Full Spectrum CBD Oils are available in several concentrations to suit a broad spectrum of CBD user needs.

Limited time - Buy One Get One Free

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Push Through for Peak Performance

If you have been dealing with nagging injuries, soreness, trouble sleeping or just general not feeling good, a simple addition to your routine could help you push through and take back control of your days.

Sometimes rest is what we need to keep up our high level of performance, but what happens when a break or a day off doesn’t do the trick anymore.

A break can turn into two, and before you know it things are all out of wack and its harder to enjoy the activities you love.

So what can you Do?

Life doesn’t slow down, and you aren’t the type to miss out. Kanibi Full Spectrum CBD oil helps you make sure to never miss a moment.

Kanibi works throughout your body to help you fall asleep faster, wake up more refreshed, release tension and relieve stress.

Try some for a few weeks and see what a difference it makes.


Frequently Asked Questions

and other frequently asked questions answered below:

If you’ve never tried CBD oil before, the best advice to follow is “start low, go slow.” You could start with 10 mg once per day for a few days and see if that is working for you. If that’s not enough, try increasing your dose by five milligrams every five days. Make sure to keep track of how you’re feeling!

For the 750 mg tincture, each full dropper (1 mL) contains 25 milligrams of CBD. For the 1500 mg tincture, each dropper (1 mL) contains 50 mg of CBD. Our droppers are marked with measurements so you can see exactly how much you’re taking.

For the fullest absorption, we highly recommend that you hold your CBD oil under your tongue for a full minute before swallowing. You have plentiful blood vessels under your tongue and the CBD will get soaked right in!

Of course, you can always just swallow it right away, but the CBD will take longer to enter your system since it will have to be digested first.

Each of our formulas includes clinical grade and double lab-tested hemp extracts, which have been shown in studies to relieve all sorts of aches and pains. Each blend then has specific ingredients added to make the extract work even better. There are no “typical” results, but we have had excellent feedback from our happy repeat customers. You can check out our Certificates of Analysis HERE.

Yes, of course. We are committed to raising the standards of our industry with the highest quality products from the best sources. But if for some reason you are unsatisfied return policy

Each person is different and will respond in different ways. You might notice positive effects right away or you might need to adjust your dose until you find what works for you. 

The important thing to note is that it works better if you take in consistently. Unlike other meds that only treat the symptoms CBD helps your body to balance itself, which means long term relief or lessening of your troubles. 

CBD is one of many compounds found in hemp.

Full Spectrum CBD is extracted to keep as many of these other compounds (cannabinoids & terpenes) in the oil. This also includes trace (less than .3%) amounts of THC.
Broad Spectrum CBD is like decaf coffee; it is full spectrum CBD oil run through another extraction process that removes all traces of THC. 
CBD Isolate is CBD oil that has been reduced and extracted down to just the CBD molecule. With CBD Isolate you get nothing more and nothing less than pure CBD. 

Heat and light will cause CBD to degrade more quickly, so the two keys to longevity are cool temperatures and a dark place. We’ve put our CBD Sports Cream into a dark, opaque bottle, so we’ve basically take care of the “dark” part of that equation. But we’d also recommend protecting it from high temperatures for long periods of time.

Free shipping is through USPS. We also offer UPS and Fedex for expedited options.