Why Kanibi?

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

It Started On a Pig Farm

In 2017, I collaborated with a woman in Tennessee to turn her home-based CBD business into a national online company.

But when I finally visited her, I realized I had made a grave mistake. She was making each bottle of CBD by hand in her filthy rundown trailer on a pig farm, using subpar CBD isolate from Europe.

The scene was chaotic, with dogs and cats darting about amid layers of dirt and cobwebs.

My wife and I, who had come to love the healing benefits of CBD, both agreed that could not be associated with someone who showed zero regard for quality and safety.

Filled with disappointment and a sense of betrayal, we made the agonizing decision to walk away from that business and embark on our own journey to build a CBD business the right way.

Doing It The Right Way

Driven by a burning determination to create a CBD company that exemplified excellence and unwavering quality, we launched our Kanibi in 2019.

Despite our efforts, there was an underlying sense of falling short.

Living in Oregon, renowned for its premium hemp cultivation, it felt like a betrayal sourcing our products from distant locations across the country.

So, fueled by a passion to make things right, we forged partnerships with a local organic hemp farm and an FDA-certified manufacturer.

The journey was filled with challenges, both emotional and financial, but in the end we made it: we know exactly where our hemp is grown, to know the farmers, to understand every step of the production process, and most importantly, to create products that genuinely meet the needs of our customers, all while staying true to our principles.

our farm

Four Generations On the Land

Soil. Seed. Water. Family.