September 16, 2022 4 min read

The number of CBD companies is increasing almost from moment to moment, which means lots and lots of choice for consumers.Great! Who doesn’t like to have options? But the downside of all those options is figuring out how to choose the best CBD oil — and how to know if a company meets high standards of quality.

At Kanibi, we’re more than aware of the number of snake oil salespeople in our industry — and the way in which bad actors prey on the abundance of misinformation about CBD.

As a company, we are committed to raising the bar in the CBD industry andadhering to rigorous manufacturing standards. But what exactly does that mean? Here we’ll dive into the steps we’re taking as a company to make our products the clear choice for CBD oil.

Growing Organic

There’s no better place to start than at the very beginning — the seeds and soil. 

It’s pretty clear by now that buying organic is a good choice to make — especially when it comes to something you’re putting on or into your body. But this is doubly true when it comes to hemp.

Hemp is unlike many plants in that it has a unique ability to absorb chemicals that are present in the soil. This unique super power is called bioaccumulation, and it means that hemp can literally suck pollutants out of the dirt and store them in its cells. 

In fact, it’s so effective at this process that hemp is often used to clean land that is otherwise irremediably contaminated (like in bioremediation efforts atChernobyl, for example).

Cool, no?

But just sit with that information for a bit. It’s one thing to grow hemp in contaminated soil for the purpose of cleaning the land for further use.It’s another thing altogether to grow hemp in polluted soil and then use that hemp to create wellness products.


We know that the process of industrial scale agriculture results in soils that are laden with heavy metals and chemicals from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. And those contaminants absolutely end up in the hemp plant.


All this preamble is to say that at Kanibi,we only source hemp from farms that use organic growing methods. And because hemp farms in the U.S. have a high degree of oversight, we buy from U.S. farms only.

For complex (and not very interesting) reasons, it’s still very difficult to obtain USDA-certified organic hemp. Those certifications will become easier to obtain as the industry moves forward.

But for now, we build relationships with people who know how to grow hemp in environmentally responsible ways. And we pass the goodness on to you.

Clean Extraction

Another hugely important decision CBD companies make has to do with the extraction process. There are many ways to extract the CBD-rich hemp oil from the plant, and, not surprisingly,some are definitely safer than others. 

At Kanibi, we’ve chosen to use CO2 extraction. It isn’t cheap, but we like that this is a super clean extraction technology (and it’s also very versatile so we can create different kinds of products). And there’s no danger of our customers taking in dangerous solvents with our extracts.

The bottom line when it comes to extraction is that there’s more than one way to extract CBD safely,but any well-intentioned CBD company should be forthcoming about which method they use. If they aren’t, there’s a good chance that they’re using something they don’t want you to know about — and that you don’t want ending up in your body.

Manufacturing Accountability

Because CBD is still largely unregulated as an industry, manufacturing processes can vary wildly from company to company. There are many companies who cook up their tinctures with no oversight whatsoever,but at Kanibi, we create our products in an FDA-inspected facility. 

That extra layer of transparency means that we have to adhere to strict manufacturing procedures that influence every step of the manufacturing process.

And it means that you can be confident that we take your safety seriously. 

We also go the extra mile in the way we create products like our Organi Gummies. It turns out that CBD gummies are actually kind of complicated to do well. It’s not easy to make sure that they are evenly dosed with CBD — and many companies really aren’t even trying.

The reality is that if you’ve bought CBD gummies that are coated in CBD, you have no idea how much CBD you’re actually getting. There is just no way to precisely dose an edible using this method.

Which is why we infuse our gummies with CBD. This means that the CBD is also protected from heat and light, which keeps them potent for longer.

Our commitment to you is that we will continue to take the extra step to create products that meet or exceed the best practices in the industry.

Independent Testing

And finally, there’s testing. There’s really no way to overstate the importance of this step. The FDA does not, as of yet, require any kind of third-party testing for CBD companies, which means that this is done on an entirely voluntary basis.

Without the accountability of third-party lab tests, CBD companies can label their bottles with any amount of CBD and the consumer has no way of knowing if there’s any CBD at all. We want our customers to have peace of mind about what we’re selling,so we double test all of our products and publish those results on our website.

It doesn’t get much more transparent than that. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When it comes down to it, nothing speaks louder than knowing that, as a company, we stand behind our products 100%. If you try our products and aren’t happy,we offer a money-back guarantee. 

From seed to shelf, Kanibi aims for precision and perfection. Our goal is that, in a crowded industry, we stand out as an obvious choice for CBD consumers.