December 08, 2020 4 min read

If you’re new to Kanibi, welcome!

We hope you’ll feel free to look around at our products, read as many reviews as you want, check out our COAs, and just generally research the heck out of our company.

To help you get to know us a bit better, we thought we’d give you a quick run-down on some key information about our company. 

We Take Transparency Seriously

a rack of test tubes

The CBD industry is still pretty new— in fact, it’s only been a couple of years since the 2018 Farm Bill explicitly legalized it.

Because of the massive explosion of interest in CBD, the industry has been flooded with cheap, low-quality CBD products (as well as some really good, high-quality ones). So, as a customer, how can you know which companies are selling legitimate, high-quality CBD and which ones are just in it for a quick buck?

One thing you need to know —our industry is not regulated by any government agency. Many people just don’t get this, assuming that the FDA is keeping an eye on what goes into those little bottles. 

They aren’t.

The FDA has yet to produce any set of regulations to govern the CBD industry (apart from what claims we can make for the substance), and they don’t seem to be in a hurry to do so. This isn’t actually a great thing for the CBD industry, but there isn’t too much we can do about that.

What we can do is hold ourselves to a high bar of quality and transparency — and make sure our customers know how to access information about our products.

This means that we double test all of our products at third party labs, and we publish that information on our website. So there are no hoops for our customers to jump through to find what they need to know.

We Only Use CBD from Domestic, Organically Grown Hemp 

scientist examining a hemp plant

If you want the best CBD, you have to start at the beginning — with the seeds and the soil.

Now, you’re probably thinking that that is probably true of all things that grow out of the ground — and you would not be wrong. But it is especially true with hemp.

We’re serious about this. You really don’t want to mess around with non-organic hemp. Hemp is part of a special class of plants that are really, really good at sucking impurities out of the soil. 

And those impurities don’t just magically disappear after harvest. They get stored in the cells of the plant (this is called bioaccumulation). So if there are heavy metals in the soil (due to non-organic fertilizers), those are going to be in your CBD oil as well.

Hemp is so good at this process that it’s been used at places like Chernobyl to clean contaminated soil. 

Here’s the other thing: Because it often takes a lot of hemp to extract the amounts of CBD we need for our products, you can be sure that any company using pesticides is going to be passing those along to you. And those pesticides will just get concentrated in the extraction process. 

So we only buy from farms that are committed to sustainable, organic farming methods. And we pass that goodness on to you.

We Do Not Cut Corners

At Kanibi, we know that it’s often the little things that make the difference between a mediocre product and one that you kind of fall in love with. Here are some examples of us going the extra mile to make our products stand out:

We make our tinctures taste really good. We encourage you to hold a tincture under your tongue for a good minute before swallowing. This can be a bit of a tedious process at the best of times, but when a tincture tastes bad? Ugh.

For our tinctures, we’ve also chosen a high-quality, organic MCT oil as our carrier oil. Why?Because MCT oil is good for you.Also, it may even help your body absorb more of the CBD in the tincture. 

We labored over our Sports Heat Cream to make sure it was super absorbent, non-greasy, and easy to apply. It works fast, too!

Our gummies are also made from high-quality organic ingredients, which we keep as simple as possible. They’re delicious without being overly sweet.

And, our capsules are precision dosed and easy to swallow. No horse pills here!

We Offer Both Full-Spectrum and THC-Free Options

kanibi cbd tinctures

We know that there isn’t just one kind of CBD customer, and we want to offer options for anyone who wants to try it. So while we started our company with a full-spectrum line, we quickly added isolate-based products for those who want to avoid any THC at all.

So how do you choose which is best for you? 

First it’s important to know that none of our products contain more than the legal limit of THC, and we actually keep it well below that limit (check out our lab reports for verification). 

Since some cannabis scientists believe that keeping the various cannabinoids and terpenes together may boost the effects of CBD, our first choice is to keep as many plant components together as possible. (This is called “the entourage effect.”)

But there are some people that need to avoid even trace amounts of THC. For example, if you know that you may undergo drug testing for your job. Even trace amounts of THC can build up in our fatty tissues over time, making full spectrum products a bit risky. Drug tests don’t distinguish where the THC comes from, only its presence.

So, our Pure Isolate products are best for those who know they may be drug tested. Otherwise, it’s just up to your preference!

We Are Committed to Customer Satisfaction

At Kanibi, we want our customers to keep coming back. So we do what we need to do to make sure our customers are happy. First and foremost, that means creating great products. But it also means that:

  • We answer questions — quickly. Our customer service reps are happy to hear from you!
  • We offer free shipping on orders over $100. 
  • And if you’re not happy, we’ll give you your money back.