You don't have to let pain, anxiety, inflammation, or high stress take over your life.

In fact, you can be one of the thousands of people who have discovered how to alleviate pain, manage stress, combat anxiety, and get the mental clarity they need completely holistically.

And you can see these results in less than 24 hours!

Here's how...

Do you know the one thing that pain, anxiety, inflammation, and stress have in common?

Other than being crippling, and making you feel like you don’t have control of your own life of course…

The truth is, they are all interconnected!

That’s why you’re probably dealing with one or more of these at a time. (Or even dealing with all of them at once)

Because they all cause your brain to trigger the same cortisol hormone response.

Cortisol is the steroid hormone that is responsible for regulating your emotions, mood, and vital body processes.


It’s also the same hormone that’s released when your body goes into fight or flight mode.

When you experience fear and extreme stress.

And this cortisol response can cause:

  • Problems sleeping
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety overthinking
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Joint aches and pains
  • Brain fog or memory problems
  • Exhaustion
  • Weight gain

And many more ways to wreak havoc on your body and your mental health.

Sound familiar? If the answer is yes, then keep reading because there is something you can do about it.

Don’t let this turn into a lasting health problem…

Studies have shown that when you’re stressed or in pain, your cortisol levels increase by 9 TIMES the normal levels.

Over time this can damage your brain, impair your memory, and impact your cognitive abilities. … Ever felt like you’re struggling to focus and concentrate?

…Or you’re getting overly panicked or stressed at perfectly normal situations?

…Or you’re unable to get to sleep, but spend the whole day feeling exhausted?

These can be signs that you’re unnecessarily triggering your body’s cortisol response over and over again. Which can end up in disorders, disease and more inflammation in your body for the long term. But it doesn’t have to be like this…

You can stop pain, anxiety, inflammation, or high stress from taking over your life. Using one game-changing natural ingredient.

So what is this miracle ingredient?

Ultra Pure Full Spectrum Extract (FSE).

Anti-inflammation & Pain Relief

Our gummies can help reduce the inflammation response in the body and brain, meaning you can alleviate discomfort and effectively combat inflammation.

Freedom From Anxiety & Stress

Stop your brain from overthinking, reacting, and entering ‘fight or flight’ every time you get stressed. Our gummies are your tasty allies for managing daily stress and fostering resilience.

Increased Mental Clarity

Our gummies can help you reduce the mental exhaustion that accompanies stress, anxiety and depression and enhance your cognition and focus.

In a study published in the Frontiers for Psychiatry Medical Journal, they found that Full Spectrum Extract was helpful in 86% of people who were suffering from depression.

Improved Sleep Quality

Turn off your brain, anxiety and stress, improve the sleep cycle, get longer and higher quality sleep.

In a very recent study (November 2022) researchers for Communications Medical Journal conducted a test in which 100% of subjects reported “improvements in mood, sleep, and quality of life”. While the National Library of Medicine found 67% of people tested had improved sleep quality.

Get These Benefits From Kanibi Vegan Organi Gummies Today!
Kanibi Vegan Organi Gummies Competitor
Gelatin Free
100% Organic, USA-grown hemp
CGMP Certified
Non-Psychoactive (THC <0.3%)
How do I know it truly works? A few short years ago, I was you!
Christian's Photo

Hi, my name is Christian and if you had met me in 2017, you would have seen I was the most stressed man on the planet and struggling to cope.

Two young children, a dishonest business partner who made so many bad decisions and trashed our business it meant our money was dwindling and so much stress I felt like I was drowning in it.

Each morning I woke up to reality landing on me again and again like a ton of bricks.

(And that’s if I slept at all!)

My life was like a stressful Groundhog Day that started with me wondering how I was going to dig my family out of a hole that I created and ended with me struggling to sleep with the weight of the pressure I was under.

And to make it worse, it was affecting my family too! I had the heartbreaking realization that I was no longer the father I had always tried to be….

After almost a year of struggling day after day, I finally told one of my good friends how I was feeling (and I wish I had done this sooner).

He suggested I try taking Full Spectrum Extract capsules.

I decided I wanted to make a change, and started taking a little capsule each day. It took me 4 or 5 days to see a difference, but then I gradually started to notice a change in myself.

The things that were previously stressing me out and ruining my day just didn’t affect me like they used to.

It began to feel like a force field around me…

Like the stressful things in life were bouncing off me instead of getting stuck in my head for me to replay on an endless loop every night when I couldn’t sleep...

...and yes, I even started to sleep better.

And over the next few weeks, I noticed more and more that I was handling my kids the way I wished I’d always been able to...

...and they were noticing the difference too, we were becoming closer again.

The funny thing was that knee pain I had from basketball when I was younger just kind of faded away too. I didn’t expect any pain relief benefits, but it definitely worked.

With all the stress melting away and my mind feeling clearer than it had in probably a decade, I even found the mental clarity to dissolve my business partnership and get rid of my toxic business partner once and for all.

And instead, I invested in the company making the capsules I was purchasing.

But I have to be honest, that’s not where my journey ended…

The Full Spectrum Extract capsules I was taking actually stopped working. I started noticing those old habits creeping up on me and I was feeling more negative and stressed.

Then a few weeks later, they kicked back in again.

I asked my friend if this was normal (for all I knew it worked in cycles) but he said no if you’re taking it daily and you should feel daily benefits. Period.

And it wasn’t long until I realized why.

The capsules I was buying and the farm we were working with in Tennessee were actually a lady and her husband filling them by hand in their kitchen.

  • No cleaning requirements.
  • No purity checks or accountability.
  • And no consistency in quality.

They just bottled up whatever they had and then sold it, and moved on.

I can’t live like that. I need to know my customers are getting the best I can deliver, always.

So I took two batches of their product with me when I left and I paid for purity tests at a private lab out of my own pocket once I was at home in Oregon. These were supposedly identical bottles of the same extract.

…The same product
…The same packaging
…The same price

But the actual results were shocking…

The tests showed the formulation had completely different levels of Full Spectrum Extract which means totally different purity.

In fact, the numbers showed that one of the batches would be totally ineffective!

This was why my own results had dropped off, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone.

I couldn’t continue working with these guys with a clear conscience, so I bought myself out of my contract.

It cost me six figures I didn’t have, and put my family’s home at risk…

…but I just couldn’t put my name to second-rate products.

I knew I had to get out.

That’s when I found out something terrifying.

In a 2020 study by the FDA, they found that 63% of all Full Spectrum Extract products out there contained LESS extract in the bottle than the manufacturers stated.

That’s more than half!

I knew I had to act…

After seeing the benefits of Full Spectrum Extract for not only myself but for my wife, our friends, and our family.

There was no going back.

I had to put my expertise to use and create a new kind of Full Spectrum Extract product.

Something designed specifically to tackle pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress, that was easy to consume, digest, and vegan-friendly.

So I worked with some of the smartest formulators in the business and built a truly world-class manufacturing facility that’s actually certified by the US government.

We created something called ‘Ultra Pure Full Spectrum Extract’

And formulated it into easily digestible, vegan gummies that slow release to last longer!

Of course, we also had to find a new, higher-quality supplier which we found with a local farm here in Oregon that I have personally visited.

And as they work with us exclusively we can be very particular and specific with our testing and requirements.

The climate in Oregon is also perfect for growing the kind of natural, healthy hemp plant that creates the best possible extract completely organically.

That means no GMOs and no pesticides, so we’re certified organic (and proud of it!)

Even better, our farm is located at the head of the local river which means our hemp gets the highest possible natural water quality with no runoff or anything else from local farms!

But you don’t have to take our word on it…

There are thousands of others feeling the benefits of our Ultra Pure Full Spectrum Extract...
Join Them and Get These Benefits From Kanibi Vegan Organi Gummies Today!
Kanibi Vegan Organi Gummies Competitor
Gelatin Free
100% Organic, USA-grown hemp
CGMP Certified
Non-Psychoactive (THC <0.3%)
The formulation is only 50% of the battle…

High-quality ingredients require high-quality manufacturing which is why everything we produce is made in a certified Good Manufacturing Facility.

This means the FDA has inspected every square inch of the space and declared it to be better than the rest.

And we give the products that same attention to detail…

No kitchen table dog hair mistakes here. Just pure ingredients that can genuinely help you.

Every single batch goes through our 3 purity checkpoints before it gets to you:
  • Checkpoint 1: Every ingredient is tested at source from suppliers right here in the USA.
  • Checkpoint 2: The ingredients are tested again after they are received by our facility before they’re put to use in products.
  • Checkpoint 3: Every finished batch of products we create is tested before it’s shipped. If it doesn’t meet our standards it’s scrapped and we start over.

So you can get the best quality, best purity, and most effective product to help you reclaim your health.

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Full Spectrum Extract Gummies

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Because I’m completely confident in the purity, quality, and effectiveness of our gummies, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to see the results you want.


Try for 30 Days & Only Pay $9.95 Today*…

Join Kanibi Monthly and you’ll unlock an exclusive member discount and get a 60-Day supply of Kanibi Vegan Organi Gummies at a reduced rate per bottle.

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Full Spectrum Extract Gummies

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That’s less than $3 a day to overcome your pain and inflammation.
  • Less than $3 a day to get the restful sleep you’ve been hoping for.
  • Less than $3 a day to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Less than $3 a day to reclaim your health…

I understand how difficult it has been to live with these health challenges. To spend every day in a cycle that feels like it’s smothering you.

But you don’t have to suffer anymore.

You can start feeling the benefits in under 24 hours with our Ultra Pure Full Spectrum Extract Organi Gummies.

I can’t wait for you to feel the effects just like me and thousands of others - I’ll see you on the other side!

Here’s to reclaiming your health and getting your life back.

Christian Amondson,

Founder, Kanibi

Everything You Need to Know About Our Organi Gummies

Find quick answers to your questions right here

How long do Organi Gummies take to work?
Unlike other CBD products, our gummies need to go through the digestion process. This means you might start to feel the effects within an hour or two. The slower digestion process allows the CBD to stay in your system for a longer period.
What's the recommended dose for Organi Gummies?
Each gummy comes packed with 25 mg of CBD. Starting with one to two gummies is a good idea for most people. Remember to wait about five to seven days before increasing your dosage.
Do Organi Gummies contain any THC?
Absolutely not! We use a THC-free CBD distillate to create our gummies, making them perfect for those wanting to avoid even trace amounts of THC.
Can children consume Organi Gummies?
Due to limited research on the effects of CBD on children, we don't recommend Organi Gummies for your little ones without the advice of a physician.
How is CBD incorporated into Organi Gummies?
We infuse the CBD distillate directly into the gummy ingredients, ensuring accurate dosing. This method is more costly to manufacture, but it guarantees a consistent amount of CBD in each gummy.
Do Organi Gummies contain gelatin?
No, our gummies are gelatin-free! We use plant-based pectin, making them suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.
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